I Will Believe We Need More Taxes When Bureaucrats Stop Spending Tax Money Like This

Behold, a $7.4 million playground in Lower Manhattan built with your federal tax dollars.   Don’t get me wrong.  It sounds like a lovely playground.  But why are federal tax dollars funding a playground in NYC?  I bet all of you Colorado taxpayers are so proud that your tax dollars funded such a vital project.

And I love this part — at the playground, “[p]lay is proctored and interaction fostered by a staff of city workers trained as ‘play associates’”?   Ironically, the architect who designed the playground (for free, good for him) designed it to be “a more engaging play space, one that encouraged unstructured and independent play.”  Only in Blue America would “unstructured and independent play” require a staff of city workers trained as play associates.  The kids would probably be better off if the adults stay out of their business, and taxpayers would certainly be better off if these city workers found something productive to do in the private sector.

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