Betsy Markey Is “Angry” That The House’s Weld County Job-Killing Energy Make-Over Is Going To Die

Representative Betsy Markey is quoted in today’s Denver Post as being “angry” that Senate Democrats have more or less given up on passing comprehensive climate legislation this session.

Note the Orwellian doublespeak about the Democrats’ plan in this quote from Lew Hay of FPL Group in Business Week:

FPL would create “thousands and thousands of jobs” if Kerry and Lieberman’s legislation became law and put “renewables on a level playing field with other sources of energy that emit carbon,” Hay said.

Wow, all it is going to do is “level the playing field”?  Not so much. 

What the bill would do is tilt the playing field with a cap-and-trade program in which companies would have to buy and sell carbon emission rights.  In other words, it will impose a carbon tax.  This gives a competitive advantage to companies that pollute through generating nuclear waste (a technology I am very much in favor of using more) and wind or solar farms that occupy massive tracts of land. 

FPL, of course, owns NextEra Energy Resources, which operates eight nuclear power plants and “is the largest generator in North America of renewable energy from the wind and sun.” 

More Orwell:

Oil refineries in the U.S. wouldn’t be required to buy pollution allowances in the carbon market. Instead, they would “purchase allowances at a fixed price” from the government.

Calling it a purchased “pollution allowance” is not even trying very hard to hide the fact that the bill would simply impose a carbon tax on oil. 

To sum up: “’Whatever its intentions, this bill is little more than a job-killing national energy tax,’ [Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky] said.”  True.

According to the Greeley Tribune, Weld County, Colorado, which is within Rep. Markey’s Congressional District, is on the verge of an oil boom.  Maybe Rep. Markey’s constituents should be angry at her for supporting the Democrats’ attempt to hamstring the entire industry.

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