Amazingly, Colorado Republican Gubernatorial Prospects Get Even More Bleak

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo released a statement on saying that neither Scott McInnis nor Dan Maes have “any hope” of winning the general election, so they should both drop out and let a viable candidate by chosen by a GOP committee.  Technically, he wants them to commit to drop out regardless of who wins the August 10 primary if polls show the winner is trailing Hickenlooper on August 11.  If they don’t commit to do that, Tancredo will enter the race himself as a third-party candidate.

Tancredo is too controversial to win, and he would be a lightning rod for criticism in the media.  And setting that aside, the party won’t support him if he runs as a third party candidate, he would be way behind in fund-raising, and he is not going to siphon off any votes from the left end of the spectrum anyway.  So having him in the race would damage Mcinnis and Maes without doing much harm to Hick.  I think Tancredo has to know this, so what he is really interested in doing here is driving Mcinnis and Maes out.

This is one of the best possible years to run from the right, but one of the worst to field a party-annointed candidate, and the Colorado Republican party is either stuck with dead-man-walking McInnis, Dan “who?” Maes, Mr. Immigration Tancredo, or someone hand-picked by party elders at the last minute in an anti-establishment year.  Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, guys. 

I think Hickenlooper can start measuring for drapes in the Governor’s mansion.

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