Sherrod, The NAACP, And Context

In the wake of the Sherrod debacle, which was and is nothing short of a debacle, William Jacobson notes the sudden and unprecedented interest in context among those on the left:

How about considering that some of the people were not really Tea Party supporters but plants by the opposition designed to create controversy? Or that some of the photos were not even at Tea Party rallies? Or that some of the people were kicked out of the Tea Party movement? Or that some of the accusations of racist words being shouted are denied and the videos show otherwise? Or that numerous blacks who are active in the Tea Party movement deny that there is widespread racism? Or that the Tea Party philosophy of limited government and free enterprise is completely race neutral?

As much as I agree with the sentiment, the issues are separate.  Breitbart screwed up by posting an edited tape that, in context, shows the opposite of what the edited tape seemed to reveal.  Commentators on the right, yours truly included, screwed up by running with it without having seen the whole tape.  The issue is separate and should be treated as such.

Of course, that does not prevent anyone from pointing out the raging hypocrisy next time the left and the media (but I repeat myself) run with a concocted story trying to prove that everyone to the right of Obama and Pelosi has purely racist motives. (10, 9, 8….)

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