Mr. President, It’s You We Don’t Have Faith In

David Harsanyi has another must-read column out, this time eviscerating President Obama’s assertion that, by opposing his policies, Republicans are demonstrating a “lack of faith in the American people.”  A snippet:

Is this hallowed faith in the citizenry also what compels the administration to dictate what kind of car we will be driving in the future, what kind of energy we will be filling these “cars” with and what amounts of that energy will be acceptable?

Is faith in American know-how why Washington funnels billions of tax dollars each year to its hand-picked industry favorites rather than allow the best and brightest to — please pardon the pun — organically figure out what the most sensible energy policy is, as we have in every other sector?

It must be that deep confidence in conscientious Americans that persuades the left to fight against the rights of gun owners who want nothing more than to defend life and property.

Exactly.  Conservatives have plenty of faith that the American people, if left alone, will develop new technologies “save or create” jobs, and generate wealth.  We do not, however, have faith in a perpetually growing, grasping, and regulating government. 

So the President has it exactly backwards.  It is Obama and his liberal cohorts that have no faith in the American people.  They are the ones that would decide for the American people what is best for them — from what they can eat to the light bulbs they can use in their homes.

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