Good For Them — Local Republican Lawmakers Are Pushing Back On Attempts To Force Collective Bargaining

The Colorado News Agency, which is a news and information site covering Colorado’s State Capitol, reports that “Republican lawmakers sent a strongly worded letter last week to Washington in an effort to thwart a proposal tacked on to an appropriations bill in Congress requiring state and local governments to participate in collective bargaining with labor groups representing police officers, firefighters, and emergency responders.” 

Good for them.  First, this is a local issue that Congress has no business interjecting itself into, and public sector unions need to be eliminated, not forced down the throats of state and local governments.  Second, what is Sen. Lois Tochtrop (D-Thornton) smoking?:

One Democratic lawmaker, Sen. Lois Tochtrop of Thornton, doesn’t buy the argument made by the Republicans that collective bargaining would have a negative effect, and said she wholeheartedly supports the concept.

“I would support any amendment that would that would help in the process of collective bargaining whether in government, or in the private sector. I do not see any economic harm in allowing employees to have a place at the table,” said Tochtrop.

If you want to see the harm of allowing collective bargaining in the public sector, Senator, look West.  All the way West, to California.  Or maybe try East, to New Jersey.  Or if you want to see the harm unions cause in the private sector, look North, to Michigan.  These states are in financial trouble in large part because of unions and the power they wield.

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