Race-Based Civil Rights Enforcement By The DOJ; The Latest Media Blackout

One more story for the file on why the mainstream media is dying a well-deserved death by irrelevance.  Jennifer Rubin at Commentary Contentions brings us more on the story showing that the media is a dog that didn’t bark:

Now, two additional former DOJ attorneys have come forward to corroborate [former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams’s testimony regarding] the hostility toward colorblind enforcement.

Links to the affidavits are included in Ms. Rubin’s post. 

I have read them, and they are interesting.  The first is by Karl “Butch” Bowers.  It generally supports Adams’ testimony about hostility towards race-neutral civil rights enforcement by DOJ career attorneys in the civil rights division, and it says nice things about Mr. Adams.  As an attorney who has submitted hundreds of affidavits to various tribunals, however, I am unimpressed.  There is simply no detail — no names, dates, facts or anything else that would allow a reader to evaluate the veracity of his conclusory statements.

The second is more persuasive.  Hans von Spakovsky’s affidavit includes lots of details, although much of it is hearsay:

“[W]hile the Voting Section has filed hundreds of cases in its history against white defendants to protect minority voters, it has only ever filed two cases against black defendants (both of which were filed to protect white voters, black voters and black poll watchers). These two cases were U.S. New Black Panther Party and U.S. v. Ike Brown.”

Other lawyers in the Voting Section refused to work on U.S. v. Ike Brown, a case against black defendants  to protect white voters, black voters, and black poll watchers.

Attorney Christopher Coates “told me directly while I was still at the Division that other lawyers within the Voting Section were harassing him over his work on the Brown case because they did not believe that the Justice Department should file any lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act against black defendants, no matter how egregious their violations of the law.”

“The then-Deputy Chief of the Voting Section, Robert Kengle, expressed his disgust to Mr. Coates that lawyers from the Voting Section were going down to Mississippi to help white voters who were being discriminated against by local black officials.”

And so on.  One very damning passage is this:

“Consistent with the testimony provided by Mr. Adams to the Commission, I called Mr. Coates directly when I received a legal memorandum from Joseph Rich, who was at that time the Chief of the Voting Section, about the Brown investigation because the memorandum did not have the usual recommendation on whether a lawsuit should be commenced. Mr. Coates was very surprised because the memorandum he had prepared for the Voting Section Chief had contained an extensive discussion as to why a civil case should be brought under the Voting Rights Act to remedy the serious (and ongoing) violations of the law that had been uncovered during the investigation. Mr. Rich, without informing Mr. Coates, had entirely deleted the recommendation to file suit. Apparently, Mr. Rich wanted to mislead his political supervisors about the nature of the case and prevent a lawsuit from being filed, and then misrepresented that the attorney investigating the case, Mr. Coates, shared his position.”

As a government lawyer, Mr. Rich apparently received a negative review for this clear misconduct.  If one of my associates had done this to another, the associate would have been escorted out of the building that day and should consider himself lucky to make it out of the building at all.

The other day, Allah reported that Juan Williams gamely tried to suggest that the DOJ’s decision to drop the New Black Panthers case is a legitimate story but that relentless coverage (by a single network, natch) smacks of race baiting unless it was part of a program of bias inside the DOJ.  Mr. von Spakovsky’s affidavit clearly provides evidence that supports the conclusion that there was such a program at the DOJ.  What say you now, Juan?

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