I Half Expect Obama To Claim That He Lowered The Seas And Walked Out To Plug The Well Himself By November

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit links Brian Wingfield at Forbes, who noticed a curious phenomenon:

As long as oil was flowing, the White House seemed to couch it largely as BP’s problem (though he did say that before the recent cap “we” were only capturing about 25,000 barrels a day) . But now that it has stopped the Obama administration seems to be taking some of the credit, deserved or not.

Not much of a surprise here, I’m afraid.  For the Obama Administration — and it starts at the top — anything bad that happens is someone else’s fault; anything perceived as good is their doing alone. 

The economy. Bush drove it into a ditch; Obama saved your ungrateful asses through the spendulous.  Pay no attention to unemployment at nearly 10% (and only that “low” because of discouraged workers leaving the work force), the Dow hovering at 10,000, moribund housing and credit markets, and so on.

Iran.  Bush soured the relationship through cowboy diplomacy; Obama salvaged it by reaching out to the mullahs.  Pay no attention to the nukes they are building feverishly in the backyard and the mullah’s undisguised threats to nuke our allies in Israel.

Iraq.  Bush lied, people died, in an unnecessary war; Jumpin’ Joe Biden — Iraq “could be one of the great achievements of this administration.”  Pay no attention to the fact that Obama got everything wrong, from his ever-changing time-table for withdrawal, to his failure to support the Bush/Petraeus surge that won the war, to his refusal even to support Petraeus from disgusting partisan attacks (at least before he decided to place Petraeus in charge in Afghanistan).

BP.  The Bush Administration failed to regulate, BP failed to drill safely, BP failed to tell us how much was leaking, BP failed to stop the flow of oil; Obama “kicked ass” until it was fixed.  Pay no attention to the Obama Administration’s approval of BP’s drilling plan without a detailed environmental review, its equal access to live video feed from the blowout, its deer in the headlights — someone do something! — reaction to the spill, and its interference with state efforts to protect the shore. 

And so on.

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