Dead Man Walking, Part III

The Denver Post’s David Harsanyi is one of the best columnists around — and I mean anywhere, not just Colorado.  Today, he piles on the McInnis debacle and throws in a few kidney punches to make sure he leaves a mark:

But long before Republicans were asked to absolve Scott McInnis of his occasional Tom Cruise meltdowns, or his imaginary turn as philanthropist, or his fantasy campaign’s real-life payments to his wife, or even his plagiarism (do your own lack of work, for God’s sake), the Republican Party had blown it and blown it good.

If the Democratic Party were to assemble a group of highly trained specialists charged with the sinister plot of constructing a strawman candidate for this moment in history, McInnis would have met with their approval. A lack of sincerity? Check. Ideologically suspect? Check. Ethically compromised? You betcha.

Harsanyi’s diagnosis — tin-eared party kingmakers who chose a candidate no one is very enthusiastic about — is also spot-on.  I happen to be one of those Republicans who was planning to vote for McInnis, not so much out of party loyalty, but mostly because I worry about Hickenlooper’s less-than-hostile stance toward public employees’ unions.  But I have been unable to muster any enthusiasm for McInnis; nor can I muster any enthusiasm against Hickenlooper, who has been a fine Mayor so far as I can tell and is clearly a nice guy.

It is too late this cycle — Hickenlooper is going to be our next governor — but the party leadership should must learn from this debacle.  We don’t need more candidates who have served five consecutive terms as a state representative and twelve years as a United States Congressman.  We need more candidates who have built and run businesses.  They are more likely to have been too busy “saving or creating” real jobs to screw up so spectacularly.

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