Blue On Blue

I’m rooting for lots of injuries.

This part would be funny if not so pathetic.  “Another Democratic official, familiar with White House strategy, said that there is a ‘misperception’ among House Democrats that Obama, a former senator, favors his old chamber over the House.”  Seriously?  Who cares which of you daddy loves best?

UPDATE: I can’t leave this alone.  

As P.J. O’Rourke wrote at some point, “giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”  Obama is merely the dispenser of whiskey and car keys.  The Dems in Congress are the teenage boys.

All Obama did was tell Congress to spend a bunch of money on a spendulous right after the election.  He didn’t given them a detailed priority list so far as I know.  The Dems then threw money at every special interest and pet project they could think of, to the tune of $800+ Billion.  It was an abject failure.

The same is true with healthcare.  The President announced he wanted massive healthcare reorganization and described a few high level things he would like to see.  But he never got his hands dirty on crafting the actual legislation or even providing much real guidance.  The Dems in Congresscreated this Frankenstein’s monster of  legislation, and it is as much their fault as Obama’s that it is DOA with the voters.

So quit whining congressmen, whether you are in the favored Senate or stepchild House.  

The President gave you the whiskey and car keys, but, to steal one of Obama’s favorite shibboleths, it was you who ran the freaking car into the ditch with your profligate misdirected spending and general debauchery of trying to control industrial output by legislation.  And you did all of this either without a single Republican vote, or by defining down bipartisanship as peeling off one Senator with an (R) after her name.  Sorry guys.  No sympathy here.

Have fun in November.

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