Tim Pawlenty Speaks Common Sense To The Common-Senseless

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air links these comments (and more) from Tim Pawlenty:

Americans have sacrificed enough; it’s time for government to sacrifice for a change. When Washington Democrats talk about balancing the budget, they speak gravely about painful choices and sacrifice — but what they mean is tax increases. In other words, we sacrifice so they can spend.

I like the cut of this fellow’s jib.

As noted, the Dems have no interest in reducing their spending binge; they just want to make us pay for more of it.  If we let taxes go up, then as sure as night follows day, they will overspend the new tax levels, run up additional deficits, and demand further “sacrifices” from taxpayers.  Making matters worse, taxpayers are already a diminishing segment of the country that is being asked to carry an ever-heavier burden.  It is the spending, and the inevitable demands it will place on those that drive our economy that is killing it.

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