More On The McInnis Plagiarism Issue

Drip, drip, drip.  Some of the new stuff seems pretty ticky-tack, such as:

Washington Post column:

“Announce the appointment of a respected and experienced American as a presidential envoy who will soon be dispatched to Pyongyang to deal directly with the leadership there.”

McInnis column:

“First, the administration should immediately appoint a presidential envoy to deal directly with the real leadership in Pyongyang, not the bureaucrats of the North Korean Foreign Ministry. This presidential envoy should be respected and experienced in negotiating with Koreans.”

My guess is that for many of these random examples McInnis read and absorbed comments by others that he agreed with, then regurgitated them later, most likely without remembering that someone said it first.  But the “four full pages” that were allegedly lifted is a big problem if true (I have yet to see them posted on-line, so I don’t know if it is true) regardless of this other stuff. 

And in any event, the media smells Republican blood in the water and this will not be over any time soon.  Given McInnis’ penchant for regurgitating what he reads (to be charitable), the more the media looks, the more instances of too-similar-to-be-independently-written phrasing they are going to find, and the deeper the hole will be. 

I seriously doubt that McInnis survives — at least for this election.  If Jumpin’ Joe Biden can be elected V.P. after his problems, a come-back is always possible.  It will just have to be another election cycle.

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