Toyota Sudden Acceleration Theories Crash Into Reality

Via the Ace of Spades headlines sidebar, club-footed drivers are the cause of Toyota sudden acceleration incidents, not the car::

A selection of Department of Transportation data taken from investigated Toyota (TM: 71.6, 0.51, 0.72%) vehicles reportedly show driver error caused the vehicle’s sudden acceleration and eventual crash, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

* * *

According to the Journal, of the 3,000 complaints of sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles, only one was caused by a problem in the vehicle. That crash was the one that killed the California highway patrolman in August last year that eventually moved Toyota’s recalls to the front pages.

Here is how it happens:

(1) Driver tromps on the wrong pedal, mistaking the gas for the brakes.

(2) Car accelerates. 

(3) Driver panics. 

(4) Driver concludes the car is in runaway mode. 

(5) Driver presses down harder on the pedal.

(6) Car goes faster. 

(7) Crash.

(8) Driver calls lawyer. 

(9) Lawyer calls press.

(10) Press does sympathetic story of driver and the terrible accident that could not possibly have been driver’s fault.

(11) Car maker pays $$$.

The same thing happened to Audi in the 1980s.  As I recall, Audi nearly pulled out of the U.S. market when 60 Minutes did a bogus story on sudden acceleration complete with emotional anecdotes and a rigged car to demonstrate how sudden acceleration works.  Only later was it proven that one can stop the car even with the accelerator pushed all the way to the floor.

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