Illegal Immigrant Thieves In JeffCo Not Facing Charges; Elderly Property Defender Charged With Attempted Murder

An 82-year old man in Wheat Ridge , CO was charged with “twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder,” for firing two shots at two men when they tried to run him over while stealing his flatbed trailer.

The kicker — the two thieves both have prior arrest records, are apparently in the country illegally, and face no charges in the incident. 

I cannot justify just shooting property thieves who are outside the home.  But if the guy had even the barest of reasons to believe his life was in danger, the shooting was justified.  He did not create the situation — the thieves did.   Maybe they were not trying to run him over, or maybe there is no chance that they could have hurt the owner even accidentally.  But the thieves created the risky situation, and the victim had the right to err on the side of self-defense in responding to it.  He had no obligation to act with restraint and assume the risk that he might not survive.

The “Jefferson County [District Attorney], Scott Storey, indicated he’ll take a closer look at his office’s decision to throw the book at the homeowner and hinted the charges could be reduced. He said the investigation continues into the confessed thieves.”  Hmmm.  There are two confessed thieves who are here illegally.  I am not sure what investigation is required.  Apparently, the DA had enough information to charge the victim; he should have plenty of cause to charge thieves who confessed to the crime.

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