Re: Why I Get Most Of My News Through Blogs

A few minutes after posting the entry below regarding the media, Drudge led me to an article at ABC news regarding Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s latest plan to mitigate damage from the oil spill on the Louisiana’s coast.  I am not sufficiently informed to reach an opinion as to whether his plan is a good idea, a terrible idea, or somewhere in between.

But I call bullshit on ABC’s reporting:

Multiple government agencies have weighed in opposing the plan, but an army of scientists has also come forward to express their concerns.

The scientists worry that the rock plan could do more harm than good, fearing that in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, water and oil would rush in the remaining gaps between the natural islands at an even faster rate than now.

When that water inevitably flows back out to sea, they say, it could erode the fragile barrier islands and create new gaps for oil to get in.

The scientists also note that there is currently no funding in place to remove the rocks once they’re in place. However, the Governor has said that local officials have requested BP set up an escrow account to pay for the rock removal.

“[A]n army of scientists has also come forward to express their concerns” and you can’t name one?  Really?  These people are ostensibly stating an opinion, not revealing state secrets.  Yet they cannot be named.  Not one general, colonel, or even foot soldier in this army can be identified.  And a scientist’s opinion as to funding sources for future rock removal is completely irrelevant. 

For some reason, I doubt that this army exists outside of the reporter’s imagination.  It is like articles reporting that “critics say….” this or that about some person or policy (on the right, natch).  You can bet that the chief critic saying that is the reporter writing the story and his or her cadre of fellow travelers in the media echo chamber.

An honest story would report that the ABC reporter, Ron Clairborne, does not much like Louisiana’s plan (or maybe just its Republican Governor) and thinks it might have flaws.  That is his opinion, and he is entitled to it.  But it ain’t news.

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