This is a sure sign of impending doom for the economy.

From the The Heritage Foundation: “52% of all union members work for the federal or state and local governments.”

A hundred years ago, unions made sense.  They gave some power to workers, particularly in dangerous, difficult jobs such as manufacturing and mining.  Under the  traditional union model, you had management, who were beholden to a board of directors and shareholders, bargaining against union bosses, who were beholden to employees.   Thus, there were two opposing forces beholden to different constituents bargaining against each other. 

Now unions are primarily in the public sector, where they can and will do great harm.  The problem is that in the public sector, you have “management” that is elected by voters.  The union bosses not only run a large voting block , but they can also extract large sums of money from workers to further influence elections.  As a result, the inmates are able to run the asylum.  Where they have effectively taken over, you have economic basket cases such as California, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York.  

If we are ever to re-impose fiscal sanity in this country, the public employee unions must be stopped.

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