The “sort of God” has no clothes.

As usual, Jennifer Rubin at Commentary nails it:

[A]s I and many others have pointed out, accidents — including big and awful ones — are not necessarily the president’s fault. But neither was 9/11 Rudy Giuliani’s.  But he grabbed the crisis by the throat. He was candid, informed, and informative. He did not whine or complain. He did not treat it as a PR problem but as a civic emergency. It is the failure of leadership and of executive competence that has exposed Obama.

Obama simply is not a leader, and he has never been one.  The evidence was there from the start.  He was Editor of the Harvard Law Review, but never published.  He was a State Senator, but voted “present” nearly 130 times, including votes on politically dicey issues.  He also voted present on the Russian invasion of Georgia and the Iranian election protests, even as protestors were being beaten, jailed, and murdered, and were practically begging for his support.  And Obama couldn’t even be bothered to take the lead on the spendulous fiasco or healthcare monstrosity, leaving all the details to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. 

Is it any wonder that Obama is watching the Gulf fill with ooze from the sidelines?  Can anyone name any issue on which he took the lead, ever?  Bueller?

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